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I'm Sophie Walker, a mixed media artist, using textiles, paint, print, photography and stitch, I also teach mindful creativity with a series of exercises designed to alleviate many of the issues that hold us back in life, to reconnect you with yourself and find your sense of purpose. Here is a bit of the story that led me here...


I graduated in 1999 from Brighton University and found myself at a bit of a loss as how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be. I didn't have much money and when some frames were being thrown out of a flat in my building I took them, covered them in a cut up blanket, used emulsion tester pots to paint a background which I embellished with sequins and beads leftover from my degree show, stitched on with invisible thread. I showed them in an exhibition in the old Aldwych tube station in London, and sold half of them in four days. I didn’t know it at the time but this is where Attentive Art began.

I am originally from Croydon, South London. My work and studies took me to: Manchester, Brighton, Turin, Italy, and Liverpool, which is where I met my husband in 2007. Two children and a relocation to the East Yorkshire coast later and I experienced post-natal depression and anxiety and struggled to meet other parents. I totally lost my confidence and my sense of self.

I realised that the only way I was going to find myself was if I did it on my own. I read books about mindfulness and psychology and wellbeing. I completed an online course via Liverpool University in Psychology and Mental Health, which was shortly followed by a Mindfulness course by Monash University.

I incorporated mindfulness into my life and began to make art again and I realised the therapeutic nature of what I was doing. Gradually I was feeling more relaxed and was experiencing less anxiety; instead of trying to get back to who I thought I should still be, I began to discover who I really am. Interested in this process, I developed creative workshops which comprise a meditation element, a creative worksheet and a free writing aspect. which gave me the answers to much of what I was looking for. I set up a website to sell my art and took part in more exhibitions.

The more I spoke to other people the more I understood that many other people had experienced a similar situation and were at odds with their identity. No matter what the circumstances, we all understood a sense of detachment from ourselves; we had got lost along the way without us really noticing. I was able to see things from other people’s perspectives and realised I’m in a position to really make a difference.

I can help you to locate what is missing from your life and work out what you want to fill it with. Then, because I have experience and studies in so many relevant areas I can help to put you on course for a new career, a hobby or business as well as addressing your self care, which can often go out of the window - as I learned the hard way!

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If you'd like find out more about my artwork or to talk to me about how I can help you using mindful creativity, please click the button below, thank you.