I recently experimented with starting a membership club.

The reason I want to do this is to bring people together as well as enriching their lives with mindful creativity and creative meditation. So many people crave more connection and creativity. 

This club will cost between £10 - 15 a month.

Why? Well, first of all I'm sharing my knowledge and expertise and I have bills to pay so I can't do it for nothing all the time. (I do share for free when I can). Secondly, you need to value yourself to invest in your development and wellbeing. Research shows that when you invest and make a commitment you are much more likely to open that email, complete that course or do the creative meditation. Because you have imbued it with a value, you will benefit from it more. Also, the software required to run the club has a fee which needs to be covered. I'm being completely honest here!

The software requires your bank details so you can pay for the club. Even with the first month free so you can try it out, I can't send you the info without a payment method. So, a lot of people wanted to join but people didn't like to enter their bank details, which I understand. If I didn't make the first month free then you would have to enter the bank details to try it. It is a conundrum. Here is an outline of what will be involved. Please check it out and answer a question for me....thank you. X

What you can hope to achieve by joining the creative mindfulness club:

Relax moreBecome more creativeFind out what makes you tickExperiment with different ideasBring more mindfulness to your lifeExperience pleasure and joy Learn to reward yourselfFeel inspiredMake FriendsFind support.png

There are three things that many people say are missing from their life: 

Calm - Creativity - Community

I asked a group of UK women a series of questions and some of the results were incredible:

71.4% said their life would benefit from more creativity.

85% said their needs were the last to be met in the family - but it is they who must provide everybody else's needs. So those vessels really need to be filled!

78.6% said they had forgotten who they were before they had children. This is so common because our lives are so busy it is all-consuming!

As a mum myself, I agree with them: I NEED creativity in my life. I have lived with some mental and physical health challenges and creativity has been my constant companion. My studies have proven what I already knew: Creativity is SO beneficial to our wellbeing but it is a tricky thing to hang onto sometimes. 

This is why I want the Creative Club. To bring us together and make us feel better.

Creative Club is for you if you want more creativity in your life and need to relax more but it find it hard to make the time and space for it in your busy schedule. All the demands that have to be met leave you feeling tired and depleted and in need of a dash of inspiration. You want to feel more in balance and know yourself better, you are ready to scratch the surface of your subconscious. 

How does it work?

Each month I will post an activity or creative exercise for everyone to do. This will usually comprise an element of meditation/visualisation, an introduction (either written or on video) and a worksheet to be coloured/painted/decorated (you can draw your own if you want to). Spend as much or as little time as you have, and you have the whole month to do it so it is easily do-able.

Inside the club, you promise to complete the activity because you deserve to have time for yourself. AND you promise to give yourself a treat when you've done it and state what that treat will be. By the end of the month you post your results from the exercise and how it made you feel and you also post about you receiving your treat. This creates a cycle of positivity, boosts self esteem and increases awareness and deservedness of pleasure and enjoyment. 

I will also be sharing other resources such as articles, book recommendations, craft projects, printables and TED talks. 

The creative exercises are about the process not the result, it is a place for support and encouragement. It is fun! For a small monthly subscription you can change your life:

If it is something you might be interested in, please fill in the form and I'll let you know when I have enough people to join and I've created the method which suits everyone the best. Thank you! X


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To benefit from Calm Creative Club, you do not need to be, or consider yourself to be 'creative'. This community is for everyone, you do not have to share or show anyone your worksheets and you can benefit from it no matter what your level of creativity. It is a beautiful gift to yourself.

Art materials: You will need to download your worksheets, so a printer is useful but not essential if you wish to draw your own worksheets. Some paper, paint, pens, pencils, glue and scissors are required, you do not need all of them if you have a preferred medium. They do not need to be new or expensive, you should be able to buy everything you need for a few dollars or pounds. Borrowing kids' art materials is fine as long as you ask them first! Glitter is optional but recommended (especially if you can get the eco friendly stuff, otherwise go easy on it!).