I have two options to help you reconnect with yourself:

1. Self Discovery Session

This is an introduction to creative meditation and how it can help you. It will give us the opportunity to get to know each other and prepare to embark on a journey of beautiful self discovery and reconnection. 

You will need to fill out an introduction sheet to allow me to understand how best I can help. We then spend 60 minutes working through your situation. This includes a creative meditation which is suited to your needs. At the end I will give you a worksheet to colour however you wish and which will help you to receive some answers. Then we arrange a 30 minute follow up session to see how you have got on and in which direction you wish to proceed. At the end of the Introductory session you will:

  • Gain clarity and increased understanding of your situation and how to resolve it
  • Have an understanding of what creative meditation is and how it can help you move forward
  • Discovery of an amazing resource that you can use in any situation to increase wellbeing

The cost of the introduction is £150.00 (approx $208.00) 

We can talk about it first if you want to ask some questions, or if you feel more comfortable with email that's fine too. To book a free 30 minute call, click the button below, you can email me at sophie@theattentiveartist.com or click the button.


2. Six Week Self Discovery Programme

This is designed to fit into a standard UK school term time with flexibility around those unforeseen things that happen when you have kids*. 

The program is comprised of a 60 minute session with a 30 minute follow up session each week tailored to your specific needs. We can look at, among other things:

  • Being 'stuck'
  • Confidence
  • Fear
  • Procrastination
  • Busyness
  • Indecision
  • Lack of purpose
  • Energy
  • Authenticity

If you haven't already taken an introductory session, you'll need to fill in an information sheet about your circumstances, and what you want to get from the program, this is so I can get specific on how to best help you achieve the outcomes you need. Each week we will talk and I will offer you a creative visualisation or meditation from my large toolkit, each of which comes with a hand drawn outline picture for you to paint or colour however you wish, you can draw you own if you want to. It is this vehicle which takes you where you want to go. You can email me during the week if you have questions or revelations you wish to share too. At the conclusion of the program you will be able to chart your progress from where you were to where you are to where you are going.

The cost of the Six week Self Discovery Program is £1500.00 (approx $2083.00).

*This program is not exclusive to mothers but I've allowed flexibility to help navigate the waters of parenthood. As a mum of two myself I feel this is a necessary and helpful option on both sides. If you are not a mum and still require a reconnection then please get in touch by clicking one of the buttons below. I'd love to meet you. Thank you. 

You can book in a free 30 minute call so we can both see how I can help you. If you are happier with email, then please click the button or email sophie@theattentiveartist.com to get in touch. 


Creative Meditation is fun. It is okay to relax and to enjoy yourself. Gaining clarity in your life doesn’t have to be a serious and stressful process. You have a right to be yourself and to enjoy it!
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