In January 2019, for three months. I am running a group training programme called The Creative Freedom Business Course

I will teach you business skills, tools and tricks and mindful mastery of your mindset.

It turns out that all entrepreneurial women have one thing in common - fear.

Fear of success, fear of failure, judgement, criticism and many more.

All highly successful entrepreneurial women have something else in common. They make friends with the fear, they allow it to be there but they do not allow it to get in the way.

So you need to befriend those fears. Fear shows up in
many ways here are just a few of them

  • Self Sabotage

  • Procrastination

  • Comparing yourself to others

  • Perfectionism

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Negative self talk

Every week I will email you a business lesson and a mini workshop using a gentle method of mindful creative enquiry to help you to become familiar with which patterns you have (we all do) and help you to go ahead anyway. I can't stress how important this is. I tripped myself up for years until I worked on my mindset. It is a constant process and you will have these tools for life.

Once a week we will have a live call to go over the previous week's modules

Side by side with the mindset work comes the business of the business. This where you unleash your power! We will cover:

Your business foundation block - this is your starting point

  • Branding, customers, your self and your brand.

  • Crossing the bridge from you to your clients - giving them what they want by selling them what they need.

  • We look at platforms - From your own website to Etsy to Saatchi Art to selling in person, retail and wholesale.

  • The tech stuff- facebook ads and your tracking pixel, SEO and analytics., plus CRM (emailing customers)

  • Adding blocks to your foundation with extra income streams; compatible MLMs, affiliate products.

  • All the tools in your kit (plus the mindset backup to help) to revel in a thriving creative business which lights you upfrom the inside illuminating the lives of your customers.

  • You will have twenty four lessons ( twelve business modules and twelve mindset modules) which are yours to keep and refer back to when you need to. PLUS a couple of bonuses.

  • You can either be selling in time for Christmas OR be ready to launch in the new year depending on where you are.

    You can have a comprehensive understanding of how the cogs of business work together and how to use them.

  • You can be a member of the Creative Freedom Business Course facebook group.

    I will also be recommending books, TED talks and other resources to help you in your journey.

Here is a recap of what is included:


Stargazing and identifying your dreams Your business basics for growth

Make friends with your inner critic Passion and purpose

What is beautiful to you Branding and identity

Weed your head and choose your thoughts Your foundation stone

Self doubt to self love Selling and marketing

Being in the spotlight Your website and when you need one

Get past procrastination Advertising and tracking clients

Dusting your mental furniture Maximise social media

Hanging out with your hidden fears Adding income streams

Loving kindness for yourself and others Residual and Passive income

Climbing the emotional ladder Visibility and being found

Recognising your achievements! Flexibility and doing what is right for you

Thank you so much Sophie…I highly recommend Attentive Art to anybody! " A Canada