The course has five modules:

Module one - how you really feel about yourself compared with how you want to feel. You'll create a vision of that feeling and keep it. 

Module two - what you are really thinking about when distracted and what you can learn about yourself from the simple act of doodling.

Module three - What is missing in your life? Through mindful collage you will find out where you can be adding to and enhancing your life experience.

Module four - What your true desires or feeling are. Discover what you're looking for (if anything - you could be more content than you realise) with a simple line and some paint. 

Module five - Get your photographer's eye in and your camera (or smartphone) out to discover your true perception of beauty in your everyday environment. 


  • How to mix meditation and creativity and make art from the heart

  • How to use mindfulness to get in touch with your creative side

  • The secrets your subconscious has been hiding from you

  • How mindful art can create a new perspective - see yourself in a new positive light

  • Create 'flow' (which top psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls the 'secret to happiness')

  • How to be more creative and in tune with yourself. You can love the life you live more. 


How long does the course take?

When you buy the course you will receive an email every day for seven days. There is an introductory email, the five exercises plus a follow up at the end. This is so that if you have set a week aside to do the course, you can do it intensively. If you save or tag the emails or keep them in a folder then you can take five weeks, or five months or as long as you like. When you have finished you can return to the course as many times as you wish.

What materials do I need?

It is helpful if you have access to a printer as one exercise requires you to download and print a simple worksheet for which you’ll need two copies. Some old magazines will be useful but not essential, basic pens, pencils, paints and some paper. Plus a journal or notebook to record your results and findings.

Do I need to be a creative person to take part?

Absolutely not! This course is designed to spark your creativity whether you are an artist or have never picked up a brush. If you are someone who is always making things or if at some point in your life you have taken the idea taken that ‘I’m not good at art’. In my opinion everybody is an artist and we need to nurture that within ourselves. A very important aspect of this course and my whole philosophy is that it is not about the end result but about the process.

Is there any support provided?

This is a self study course. However you will be invited to join the facebook group where you will be able to ask advice, show your work (only if you want to) and provide and receive support form the other members in the group and myself.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the course plus bonuses and exclusive discounts is £99.00.

Thank you so much Sophie, I discovered a deep awareness and had some profound insights while meditating and working through the exercises as well as enjoying a wonderful sense of relaxation and joy! I highly recommend Attentive Art to anybody who is unsure about where they are at or where they are heading!
— Angie, Canada