A Five Day Self Study Course by Sophie Walker*


This course will help you to answer these questions:

1.  What is your true situation?
2. What are your real dreams?
3. What is missing in your life?
4. What is blocking your path?
5. How to bring it all together...

When you buy this course you will receive the tools to help unlock the secrets of your mind.

Using my specially designed exercises in mindful creativity you can start to identify why things in your life are not as you want them to be or where you might be getting stuck and struggling to move forward.

Even better, once you have invested in them once, they are yours to keep forever and you can do the course as many times as you want to and apply it to any situation that you feel you need assistance with or could do with some answers.

Each exercise comes with a downloadable instruction sheet and some of them have a worksheet for you to download, print and colour as you wish, or you can choose to do your own.

There is an element of visualisation and meditation and it is this, combined with the creative process and the question at hand that can lead to some real 'aha' moments. You might be painting or colouring or applying some beautiful sparkles and suddenly realise that something you have always thought was one way, is in fact not that way at all, it is more positive and now you have viewed it in a different light, things make more sense and you are able to move forward. 

This happens to me all the time and it has literally changed my life, which is why I'm sharing it with you.

Through mindful creativity I have learned to question my perspective on everything. As well as helping me to cope with some difficult situations, I have learned to:

Accept myself, make friends with my past, apply a positive dimension to almost any situation, trust my own judgement, apply better self care practices, I sleep better and now hang out quite comfortably with my inner child and my shadow self. My comfort zone is larger and expanding every day, and fear, while still a frequent companion, is not allowed to hold me back anymore. I love my life. 

I highly recommend Attentive Art as a form of self-expression and to help understand yourself on a deeper level!
— Angie, Canada

So why Five days to Find Your Future?

No matter what time of year it is or what goals we might have set, we often witness our good intentions slipping away. But why is this and how does it happen? Basically your subconscious is running the show and you have to scratch beneath the surface to work out why. You need to take that torch and shine it into the corners and see what is hiding behind the cobwebs. Do you want to know a secret?

It is not at all scary. Mindful creativity is a gentle, lighthearted process. It can be great fun, really insightful and very fulfilling. For me, it provides a balance and wholeness in my life which, now I have it, I wouldn't want to be without.

So I have designed this course as an intensive week of beautiful self reflection, at the end of which you will have some insight into:

  • Where you are at the moment
  • Where you want to be
  • What is missing in your life
  • What is in the way 
  • How to put these all together to form the bigger picture

You will have:

Worked out which part of your home you are in and what that means for you, gazed at the stars and they have shown you your dream. You have identified where the gaps are and the thing(s) that are blocking your path, and you have a plan to put the items in which need to be added and take away the things you don't need, then:

You have a springboard platform from which to gallop through the next year with passion and purpose. Sound good?

It is! 


There are bonuses:

When you buy the course you will receive my overview of mindful creativity and a free five minute music meditation (there are also  five secret bonuses for when you finish the course).

how much does it cost?

This course costs £199.00 (about $280 USD).

Click here and you are in!


*To do this course and benefit from it, you do not need to be, or consider yourself to be 'creative'. This course is for everyone, you do not have to share or show anyone your worksheets and you can benefit from it no matter what your level of creativity. It is a beautiful gift to yourself.

Course materials: You will need to download your course materials, a printer is useful but not essential if you wish to draw your own worksheets. Some paper, paint, pens, pencils, glue and scissors are required, you do not need all of them if you have a preferred medium. They do not need to be new or expensive, you should be able to buy everything you need for a few dollars or pounds. Borrowing kids' art materials is fine as long as you ask them first! Glitter is optional but recommended.

Escaping through the portal of creativity for a while allows me to recharge...creativity is something I use to point my vessel towards happy
— Jo, Australia