Mindful Art Kits offer a complete session of mindful art making. I believe creativity is essential for our all round wellbeing and we can find out a lot about ourselves in the process; whether you consider yourself a 'creative' person or not. You do not have to be 'good' at art at all. It is all about the process and how it can improve how you feel. 

I have finished my Art Kit, really proud of the finished product and really enjoyed it! Such A great idea!
— Karen, London. 

What is in an art Kit?

Inside you will find: An A4 deep edge canvas, some paint pots or tubes, a brush, needle and thread. Then come the embellisments: These might be sequins, beads, buttons, fabric, washi tape or feathers to sew and stick on. A CD which has been specially designed to enhance your mindful creative experience. There is also a little lavender bag to help you feel relaxed before you start. Each kit is different; the paint and the embellishments will vary. Every kit is themed by colour and assembled with love.