Welcome to March! 

The wheel of the year is certainly turning, although, if you are in the UK, recently it seemed to be going backwards for a bit due to the crazy weather - arctic gales and real actual snow. This meant school closures and delays all round, so, a few days later than expected, here is the content for March. This month, there is a gardening theme. In the depths of winter nothing seems to grow and when the soil warms up and the sun comes out the weeds can take over before we have a chance to plant. The main point this month is about growth; before we can grow, we need to remove what is stopping us from growing. When we think about growth, there can be an expectation to change overnight. In the same way that plants can't grow if their soil is strangled by weeds, we have to remove the weeds first to make space for planting the seeds, then we nurture the seeds and help them to grow, remaining aware of any weeds that might try to creep back in, we are going to do this exercise in the garden of our minds.

There is a beautiful meditation for you and I love the worksheet for this month too. So, here's what to do:

1. Download and print off the worksheet, you might want to do more than one this month.

2. Get paint, pens, pastels, whatever you want to colour it with.

3. Listen to the audio meditation, there is a transcript too if you wish to download it.

4. Colour the worksheet however it feels good for you to do it. 

5. Add the thoughts your are removing and replacing. You might want to create a separate list to revisit the exercise again.


If you are feeling inspired you might want to think about your real garden, it has been proven over and over that gardening is beneficial on a range of levels, this is a great article about gardening and mindfulness from the Guardian, it is worth a read even if you don't have a garden:

Our garden is 'L' shaped with a small square of lawn surrounded by flower beds. I have a couple of honeysuckle plants, a buddleia which planted itself, a couple of rambling roses and a jasmine which smells amazing. Each year I try to get organised enough to plant a few vegetables. Last year my then three year old son pulled up most of them so we will try again now he is almost five! I'd love to know how you find doing this exercise and how you grow your own garden, balcony, houseplants or community garden. Lets get involved in the Facebook group and inspire each other with our real life gardening and the weeding and planting in our heads.