According to Psychology Today "...collage simply means ‘to glue,’ and is the assembling of different images or materials to create a new whole." 

There aren't any rules to this workshop, except to work from the heart.

What to Expect…

Arrive at Miller’s Yard between 1.00 and 1.30 and help yourself to a choice of delicious and exotic teas (just plain tea if you prefer or coffee if you need it). Wander upstairs when you are ready, for a 1.30 start.
All materials at this workshop are provided. You will have an A2 size piece of card and a huge stack of magazines to go through. You can bring your own magazines or brochures if you wish but there will be plenty provided.

I will deliver a brief chat about mindful creativity and we will have the opportunity to introduce ourselves, briefly, no pressure!

Then the fun begins:

In an atmosphere of music for mindful making and beautiful but subtle aromas, you select as many magazines as you wish and allow the process to unfold as I will explain on the day.

We spend the first part of the session selecting images, then after a tea break, we have the pleasure of assembling them.

This is not about creating a vision board of what you think you want; it is about grabbing things that speak to you, that lift your mood and pique your interest. It is a process of self discovery; of finding who you are and what you love and the things that make your soul sing. You will be able to look for the messages from your self and find out what you really want or are holding back from; maybe you want to try a new hobby or to walk a different path, study or travel - I could go on...

We bury these ideas and dreams deep in our psyche and this is a delightful method of retrieving them.

Places are limited, book early to avoid missing out!

Thank you for reminding me about the power of creativity in our lives. Yes, it is a lifesaver! It turned my life around.
— Karolina

If you have any questions you’d like to ask before booking, you can email me at

Please note that this is NOT an accessible venue. If you would like to attend a workshop and require an accessible space, please contact me HERE and I will arrange an event which allows for accessible participation. Please accept my sincere apologies that on this occasion, accessibility hasn’t been available.