Would you like to be more productive? Wave goodbye to procrastination? Then you need this workshop!

Procrastination is something that is much talked about at the moment and affects just about everyone I know - me included! Its because I use mindful creativity to work out the things I want to change in my life that I can do it, because it gets underneath the story we tell ourselves and it encourages me to become more present which in turn allows me to answer my own questions. I find out what is really happening below the surface and I can make changes from that place, laying foundations for lasting positive change. I've created this workshop to help you to do the same. It works like this:

  1. Watch the Video
  2. Listen to the Visualisation
  3. Colour the Worksheet
  4. Complete the Writing Exercise
  5. Create your Solution

Then move forward brimming with productivity and have more time to yourself as well!