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Here is your Creative Meditation. I truly hope you find it wonderful. X


Thank you for choosing to join me on the path of Mindful Creativity. I can't tell you how much this process has informed and enhanced my life! It really is a journey and I learn new things about myself all the time. Using creativity and mindfulness together continually challenges me to have new perspectives on all kinds of things, such as how I spend my time, relationships, how I view things from my past and how I consider my future. Much of mindfulness is about being in the present moment, but I find it is useful sometimes to visit our past and address our future to provide context for the present moment we are choosing. 

I have a large toolkit of creative meditations. They address things like; how we project ourselves in the world, hidden fears, procrastination, gaps and blocks in our path, money issue, energy and more. Many of them are formatted like this one, with an introductory video and/or text, an audio meditation and a printable worksheet to paint or colour as you consider the issue at hand. 

In my coaching practice I use these in combination with other small projects and question sheets to help you to gently scratch the surface of your subconscious and find out what is really going on behind the scenes Armed with that knowledge, we can then work on turning it around and looking for a more helpful or appropriate behaviour or thought pattern. 

This creative meditation is called Spotlight on Your Self. You will need to download and print (or draw your own) worksheet (scroll down). You will also need some paint or pens to colour and fill in the worksheet.

Then start by listening to the audio meditation here: (make notes if you want to)

I hope you enjoyed that and it has given you some answers. Next, download and print the worksheet if you haven't already done so and colour it in using any method you feel good with, it is more about the process than the finished outcome. You can find the worksheet here:

There is a transcript of the meditation available if you wish to download it, just click the button here:

As I said in the video, I'd love for you to join the Attentive Art Group on Facebook and share any insights, 'aha's' and any creative pursuits you have. It is a lighthearted and supportive place to explore and develop your creativity and learn about mindfulness. You can join us here:

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this creative meditation in Attentive Art and wish to continue your journey, it will be worth it I promise! 


Please have a look around my site and get in touch here if you'd like to talk about any of my work or are considering coaching with me.

Sophie X